Safe at work, happy at Work. This is the motto of the joint DEUS project. The project is aimed at professional groups who may be exposed to unpleasant to dangerous situations in their work. The target group includes care/rescue workers, teachers, employees of public offices, authorities and security services. Together with you, we analyse the existing hazard potential and develop individual training concepts. We look forward to working with you.



safe at work



Establishment of a safe workplace

A modern workplace today has to meet many requirements. It should be functional, representative and health-conscious. But "customer contact" can also involve many dangers. We advise you on how to set up your workplace safely, prepare the "stage" and behave in the event of an aggressive assault.



Self-securing during home visits

Home visits are carried out in many professions. You go to other apartments and are not always a welcome guest. We inform you about specific dangers and provide you with action plans for a safe house visit.



Soft control and transport techniques

Employees of hospitals and security services as well as pedagogues and nurses need them. They are used for support, transport or fixation. "How do I handle the patient or child? Am I allowed to do that at all? How do I control the drunken troublemaker or the unruly patient?” We present techniques and measures that support you in the practical exercise of your profession without hurting anyone.




It is not uncommon for us to become targets for aggression and violence in the exercise of our profession. We offer you concepts on how to protect yourselves and how to survive such situations unharmed. In addition to selected self-protection techniques, prevention and "tactically intelligent behaviour" are of particular importance.



42 years - father of two children - police chief commissioner in Aachen, martial arts expert and director of a martial arts school in Herzogenrath. Operational trainer in North Rhine-Westphalia, responsible for the advanced training of police officers in Aachen. In addition, responsible for planning and training with other authorities and institutions such as the fire brigade, the public order office (Ordnungsamt), the immigration office (Ausländeramt) and the tax authority (Finanzamt).



Connected by the martial arts and inspired by the vision that something great can be created by bundling their common competences, Frank and Marc have been conducting joint seminars on the subject of de-escalation and self-protection at the workplace since 2015. After many successful seminars at hospitals, schools and offices in Aachen and East Belgium, the DEUS project was finally launched in 2018.



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